Tell Your MPP to Stop the Class Size Increase!

We need to hit 10,000 Calls by November 30th

There are secondary classes right now in Ontario with nearly 40 students. Doug Ford is proposing eliminating 5,000 teaching positions according to the Provincial Accountability Office that will further strain the education system.

Your provincial MPP is critical to stopping the dramatic increase in class sizes!

The clock is ticking, teachers and education workers are fighting on behalf of students who need our help. Let’s give our students the best opportunity for success. Call your MPP and tell them to make a deal with teachers and stop the class size increases!

Suggested Talking Points

Hello, my name is Your Name and I am a constituent of your MPP Name.

I am calling to ask you to use your voice to tell Premier Ford to stop the increase in Ontario classrooms.

An independent report shows that for every $1 invested in education, our economy gets $1.30 in return.

Education is a great investment and I hope you will use your voice to stand up for our economy and our kids.