Cut Education and Everyone will Pay more

The Economic Case for Investing in Education

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Call your MPP and tell them to make a deal with teachers and stop the class size increases! The clock is ticking, teachers and education workers are fighting on behalf of students who need our help. Let’s give our students the best opportunity for success.

A 2019 independent third party study commissioned by the Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation found:

  • “Each dollar of public education spending generates $1.30 in total economic benefits to Ontario. Whereas, the inverse holds for each dollar taken from public education.”
  • “Public education can generate social benefits, such as a healthier population, a higher standard of living, and a reduction in crime. That lessens demand for Ontario’s social assistance, public healthcare, and criminal justice services.”
  • “Through increases in public education spending that improve high school graduation rates to the highest rate in the country, Ontario could see average fiscal savings of $16.4 million each year. That could accrue to total savings of $3.5 billion over the course of two decades.”
  • “In a reverse scenario, where high school graduation rates instead fall to 82.6 per cent, Ontario would spend an additional $18.0 million each year. Over a 20-year period, that could amount to total fiscal costs of $3.8 billion.”
  • “Each additional high school graduate saves the Ontario government (on average) $2,767 each year on social assistance, healthcare, and criminal justice. While, each additional high school non-completer costs the province $3,128 each year.”

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